About the Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium


The Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium was founded in the fall of 2014 by four graduate students at Texas A&M studying Plant Breeding, Molecular and Environmental Plant Sciences, and Horticulture.

This one-day research symposium was designed to be a completely free event to promote education and community within the subject of Plant Breeding.

The inaugural event was held on February 19, 2015 with about 350 attendees participating in-person or online via our live webinar broadcast. 




  1. Educate future plant breeders on the most cutting-edge technologies and ideas in plant breeding.
  2. Encourage networking between global leaders in plant breeding research at prominent institutions and the plant breeders of the future.
  3. Appreciate research advancements and opportunities within private industry.
  4. Promote plant breeding research conducted at Texas A&M.
  5. Provide Texas A&M graduate students the valuable experience of sharing research findings in a professional context.
  6. Enhance leadership and organizational skills of future plant breeders through executing a completely student planned event.