Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium

The Vavilov Method: Utilizing Genetic Diversity

A DuPont Plant Sciences Symposia Series Event

February 15-16, 2017

Memorial Student Center MSC 2300


Susan McCouch


L.J. Grauke


Colin Khoury


Charles Simpson

Texas A&M

Paul Gepts

UC Davis

Emily Combs

DuPont Pioneer

A Message From One of Our Sponsors: The Crop Trust

Marie Haga Executive Director

Marie Haga
Executive Director

"By many measures, agriculture is facing its greatest challenge ever: producing sufficient and nutritious food for more and more people under increasingly challenging environmental conditions. We know that there are no silver bullets, but we also know that the diversity of our crops and their wild relatives is an immense treasure trove of options for crop improvement that awaits exploration by farmers and breeders everywhere. Vavilov was one of the first scientists to recognize this and - having recently returned from the Vavilov Institute in Saint Petersburg in Russia - I can attest that his legacy is alive and well, both at the Vavilov Institute, which is home to Russia's national genebank, but also in many other genebanks around the world. I was therefore very pleased to see that the organizers have chosen to reference Vavilov and his legacy when setting the theme of this symposium. Great promise lies hidden in many of the world's genetic resource repositories and farmer's fields - but it won't be of any use if we fail to foster emerging scientists and inspire some of the brightest young minds to dedicate their research to better understanding and exploring this wealth of diversity. We here at the Crop Trust [www.croptrust.org] contribute to this through our work on capacity building in the framework of our Project on Crop Wild Relatives [www.cwrdiversity.org] as well as our efforts to support and coordinate the international genebanks of the CGIAR [https://www.croptrust.org/our-work/supporting-crop-conservation/global-genebank-partnership/]. The 2017 Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium promises to be an important event to help connect some of the best experts in the field with future leaders in the plant sciences and I am therefore very pleased to be able to endorse this effort. Best of luck to the organizers from all of us at the Crop Trust!"

Travel Scholarships

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Three scholarships will be awarded to fund graduate students from other universities to attend the 2017 Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium: "The Vavilov Method: Utilizing Genetic Diversity". Scholarship recipients will be required to present their personal research as an academic poster.

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Student Research

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The Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium will be hosting the third annual  Student Research Competition. The competition will take place in conjunction with the  Symposium. Awards up to $250 per individual will be given to Texas A&M students. The deadline to apply for oral presentations is January 22. 

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Evening Social


Besides just listening to world-renown scientists speak on the topic of plant breeding, there will be an evening social at local restaurant Cafe Eccell. It will your opportunity to network with the guest lecturers in a casual atmosphere over food and drink. It is also the one evening to unite plant breeders from different departments and crops.

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