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Texas A&M University • College Station, Texas

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Thursday, February 22

(Live streamed on webinar - Registration required)

7:30                 Student Poster Competition

Participants and Judges only

8:00                 CHECK-IN / ON-SITE REGISTRATION

8:30                Welcome – Graduate Student Organizing Committee

8:40                Dr. Jason Rauscher, DuPont Pioneer

Introduction to the Plant Sciences Symposia Series

8:55                 Dr. Duke Pauli, University of Arizona

Phenomics: Illuminating the Genetic Basis of Cotton Resiliency

9:45                 Dr. Sindhuja Sankaran, Washington State University

Sensors for phenomics: Role of automated image processing and machine learning in high-throughput sensing

10:35               COFFEE BREAK

10:50               Katie Rogers, University of Florida

Characterization and Induction of Early Flowering in Citrus

11:00               Mahendra Bhandari, Texas A&M University

High Throughput Phenotyping of Foliar Disease Resistance in Wheat

11:10               Nicholas Ace Pugh, Texas A&M University

Temporal estimates of crop growth in sorghum and maize breeding enabled by unmanned aerial systems

11:20               Surj Sapkota, University of Georgia

Identification of a Major QTL Conferring Resistance to Leaf Rust in Wheat cultivar AGS2000

11:30               Anna Castro, Texas A&M University

SbNAC “D” developmentally regulates programmed cell death mediated aerenchyma formation in sorghum stems

11:40               POSTER SESSION     

12:30               LUNCH

1:40                 Dr. Keerthi Rathore, Texas A&M University

From Conception to(wards) Deregulation of Ultra-low Gossypol Cottonseed:
A 21-year-long Odyssey

2:30                 Dr. John Van Hemert, DuPont Pioneer

From Satellites to Sequencing: How Omics Fits Into the New Industrial Digital Agriculture

3:20                 COFFEE BREAK

3:40                 Dr. Aaron Lorenz, University of Minnesota

Exploring genomic prediction for crop improvement:
Broadening the reach of evaluation

4:30                  Closing Remarks – Graduate Student Organizing Committee

4:45                 ADJOURNED

6:00                 Evening Social and Awards Ceremony

Cafe Eccell

4401 S Texas Ave,

Bryan, TX 77840